Rivers in Ghana

The Volta River
The Volta River is a river, primarily flowing in Ghana, that drains into the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Guinea. It has three main tributaries—the Black Volta, White Volta and Red Volta.

Afram River
Ankobra River
Anum River
Atakora River
Ayensu River
Bia River
Birim River
Black Volta (Mouhoun River)
Daka River
Densu River
Kulpawn River
Lake Volta
Mo River
Nini River
Ofin River
Oti River
Pra River
Pru River
Red Volta (Nazinon)
Sene River
Sisili River
Tain River
Tano River
The Pra River system
The Volta river system
Todzie River
Volta River
White Volta (Nakambé)