More than 7.5 billion people in the world use products.

There are some 7.8 billion people in this world and we are not saying 100% use products because some indigeneous communities which live in deep forests or in areas (typically islands) where one can not reach out or they do not allow anyone besides them to come in what they call is there land. (Even 0.3 billion is too much to ssume).

There are several websites which share products.
Then how are we different ?

We share official website of the product or official page in the corporate which manufacture's products so that you can see their responsibility - not just social, health, climate responsibility but responsibility towards quality & health of individuals who eat or use the product and most importantly attitude towards employees, supply chain because employees must feel that it is their company - feel means feelings and not financially their company..

(Yes products give income to them which is not at all bad because there are millions of people who get income because they are part of team which manufactures or sells or reachout products or work in shops which sale product)

We start with a few product categories and few brands within those categories but from 28.8.2020, we plan to start sharing many product categories we have not covered and brands across the world. Between now to 31.3.2021, we plan to share 5000 Brands of products across the world.



Flour Atta
Hair oil
Ice cream
Ketch ups
Sanitary Napkins


Skin care


Tooth Brushe
Tooth pastes

Water Bottles
Water Purifiers

An important thing is we do not allow any company to take their banner on the right side but for a nominal fee allow NGOs which make products or offer services to share their name which is Brand name with link to their official site (not agency site)

Corporate Brands
Image enhancement fee Rs 5000/- or
USD 75/- from now to 31.3.2021


NGO Brands
Image enhancement fee Rs 5000/- or
USD 75/- from now to 31.3.2021