Products : Consumers, check the Social, Health, Climate Responsibility of the products you buy
We will share the product official website or its page in the corporate website so that consumers can check whether the product is socially responsible and most importantly what climate rules (legal as well as moral & ethical) product follow in terms of not just packing but do they clearly mention expiry date of products on its label (not of size which even the lens cant see but clearly. We think product brand will be hughly appreciated if it gives expiry date just below the brand name which is so powerful to say that we care for all the consumers)
Cough (OTC)
Flour Atta
Hair oil
Ice cream
Ketch ups
Mobile phones
Oral health
Sanitary Napkins
Skin care
Tooth Brush
Tooth paste
Water Bottles
Water Purifiers

There are several websites which share products.
Then how is different ?

1) We are not product selling website, which shares product info and say buy it or buy it through us so that you will get discount.

2) We believe each brand has power. Now it can be power of quality, power of equality, power of cost, power of availability, power of reachout, powerful advertising, powerful PR ....
But ultimately, consumer is the Judge to decide which product to buy and the power one has must be sustainable which means if the price is less, it has to be less all the time and depending on sales, the price cant go up suddenly because consumers are clever (If some other brand is cheap costwise, they will shift to that brand because in this case, the consumer buying only criteria is cost and this is important when the consumer has less money for survival)

So the difference is

1) shares all the brands in the world productwise.

Now, this involves a lot of research & promotion cost.
We know some brands advertise so that consumers see them (and decide on buying it if it fits there criterion). So,

2) We have space on the right side where only one brand from the said product category can share their banner for a fee of Rs 118 000/- plus GST or USD 1600/- for the period from now to 31.3.2021 (It is hardly any fee than advertising on TV, newspapers ... Yes, we know the selection of Media for advertising is done on key creteria of reachout to particular area or particular state or county or particular country. But we are different here because we are seen globally and our purpose is to help you go close to buy and not sell your product.

For products which are new or good but have not advertised in terms of money or years, it is good. Of course it is good for products which are selling for so many years to increase awareness of how the brand is caring. So it is open to all and it does justice to all.

Of any product category, we will share many brands giving the Judge (Consumer) an opportunity to select the winner (Product they buy).
We dont select any one brand.
We just share official websites.

And yes, we give an opportunity to 1 Brand per categoy to share their image prominently so that consumers immediately see them. But lets be clear. Just because consumer sees you does not mean they will buy you.

If Quality, Cost, Availability is same for two products, then consumers who are Judge of the product will certainly check whether companies who make or sale products caring their employees, supply chain, customers, social or health issues and climate.

In any product page
we dont share just the products, but we share
a page on responsibility of product and its packaging. logistics, sharing the same on shelf ... and this is shared by someone related to the product and not by because we dont want to put our views here but share views of experienced experts. founder worked in Advertising, PR, Social PR but now he is clear in thinking. Every product has expiry date. If company focus is just Win Market Share, then the product expiry is technical date. But if the company focus is Win Mind Share of people on both sides (Employees & consumers), then the expiry date will certainly be increased.

However one loves their product, one must be clear.
With technology updates product has far less life.
Just see how quickly you change your mobile phones.
And yes, if you are in love with a company which is caring, you buy different product but by the same company.
An Apple customer will always buy new Apple phone.

(Yes products give income to companies which is not at all bad because there are millions of people who get income because of products - the employees & their families, the supply chain people & their families , the truck drivers & their families who transport the products, the shop or mall employees & their families ... remember we said "&their families" because is for all people, infants, children, youth, women, men and for us caste. country, religion are all same but at the same time, we know that there are many people in villages or in many countries in African region which so far has not benefitted by technologies and other products / services the economically developed countries get but at the same time, we also know that the economically developed countries has many people who are affected by stress, mental health, physical health, accidents ... than those in the so called less financially & technically underdeveloped countries and areas like villages)

We start with a few product categories and few brands within those categories but from 28.8.2020, we plan to start sharing many product categories we have not covered and brands across the world.

Between now to 31.3.2021, we plan to share 5000 Brands of products across the world.

Many products are available only in their country and that is where Branding is critical because world should know the Power of their Brand, though it is available only in one country. Afterall, we may see the product being available in many countries if there is demand from agents, dealers, wholesalers ..... afterall more than 7.5 billion people in the world use products.

There are some 7.8 billion people in this world and we are not saying 100% use products because some indigeneous communities which live in deep forests or in areas (typically islands) where one can not reach out or they do not allow anyone besides them to come in what they call is there land. (Even 0.3 billion is too much to ssume).

There are several websites which share products.
Then how are we different ?

We share official website of the product or official page in the corporate which manufacture's products so that you can see their responsibility - not just social, health, climate responsibility but responsibility towards quality & health of individuals who eat or use the product and most importantly attitude towards employees, supply chain because employees must feel that it is their company - feel means feelings and not financially their company..

(Yes products give income to them which is not at all bad because there are millions of people who get income because they are part of team which manufactures or sells or reachout products or work in shops which sale product)

We start with a few product categories and few brands within those categories but from 28.8.2020, we plan to start sharing many product categories we have not covered and brands across the world. Between now to 31.3.2021, we plan to share 5000 Brands of products across the world.

An important thing we do by principle is : We do not allow any one brand to take their banner on the right side on this page because this page shares all the products and it is not good to select one brand.
Below, we share only those Corporate brands who have supported our global research & promotion of product in their category. We give opportunity for NGOs to be known if they share their name with link to their website for a nominal charge of Rs 5900/- (includes 18% GST which is given to the Indian Government) or USD 75

NGO Brands
Image enhancement fee Rs 5900/- or
USD 75/- from now to 31.3.2021


Product Brands
Only for those brands which pay to take a banner on the right side of any of the 100 products we plan to share. No additional fee for them