Political Parties in Timor - Leste

Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor
Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente
Founded : 11 September 1974
Website : Founded 11 September 1974

Democratic Party in Timor-Leste
Partido Democrático
Founded : 10 June 2000
Website : partidodemocratico.org

Social Democratic Party
Partido Social Democrata
Founded : 20 September 2000
Website : None

Timorese Social Democratic Association
Associação Social-Democrata Timorense or ASDT
Founded : April–May 1974
Website : None

Timorese Democratic Union
União Democrática Timorense
Founded April–May 1974
Website : udtimor.blogspot.com.es

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction
Congresso Nacional de Reconstrução de Timor
Founded : March 2007
Website : www.partidocnrt.com

Frente de Reconstrução Nacional de Timor-Leste - Mudança
Founded : 2011
Website : None

Other parties

Association of Timorese Heroes
Christian Democratic Party
Christian Democratic Union of Timor
Liberal Party
People's Party of Timor
Socialist Party of Timor
Timorese Nationalist Party