Political Parties in Sri Lanka


Tamil National Alliance
(tamit teciyakkuttamaippu; TNA)

Founded 20 October 2001
Website:- http://www.tnainfo.com/
Website:- http://tnapolitics.org/?lang=en
Website:- http://tnamediaoffice.blogspot.in/

United National Front for Good Governance
(Eksath Yahapalana Jathika Peramuna)
Founded 05 July 2015
Website:- Not Available

United People's Freedom Alliance
Founded 20 January 2004
Website:- Not Available

Extra-parliamentary alliances

Democratic Tamil National Front
Founded 4 May 2016
Website:- Not Available

Tamil National People's Front
Founded February 28, 2010
Website:- Not Available

Defunct/dormant alliances

Democratic National Alliance (Sri Lanka)
Founded November 22, 2009
Website:- Not Available

Democratic Tamil National Alliance

Left Liberation Front
Founded 1998
Website:- http://www.nssp.info/

Socialist Alliance (Sri Lanka)
Founded 2006
Website:- Not Available

Tamil Progressive Alliance
Founded 3 June 2015
Website:- Not Available


Parliamentary parties

All Ceylon Makkal Congress
Founded 2005
Website:- http://acmc.lk/

Ceylon Workers' Congress
Founded 1939
Website:- Not Available

Communist Party of Sri Lanka
Founded 1943
Website:- http://www.cpsl.lk/

Democratic Left Front (Sri Lanka)
Founded 1999
Website:- Not Available

Democratic National Movement

Democratic People's Front

Democratic People's Liberation Front
Founded 1988
Website:- Not Available

Eelam People's Democratic Party
Founded November 1987
Website:- http://www.epdpnews.com/

Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front

Founded 1980
Website:- http://www.eprlfnet.com/

Lanka Tamil State Party (Federal Party)
Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi

Founded December 18, 1949
Website:- Not Available

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna
Founded 14 May 1965
Website:- http://www.jvpsrilanka.com/

Jathika Hela Urumaya
National Heritage Party

Founded February 2004
Website:- http://jhu.lk/

People's United Front
Mahajana Eksath Peramuna
Founded 1959
Website:- Not Available

National Freedom Front
Jathika Nidhahas Peramuna
Founded 14 May 2008
Website:- http://www.jnpsrilanka.com/

The National Union of Workers

Founded 1965
Website:- Not Available

Pivithuru Hela Urumaya

Sri Lanka Freedom Party
Founded September 2, 1951
Website:- http://www.slfp.lk/

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress
Founded 1981
Website:- http://www.slmc.lk/

Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization

Founded 1979 (organisation)
Founded 1987 (political party)
Website:- http://www.telo.org/

United Left Front

United National Party
Founded September 6, 1946; 70 years ago
Website:- http://www.unp.lk/

Up-Country People's Front
Founded 1989
Website:- Not Available

Other registered parties

All Are Citizens All

All Lanka Tamil Great Council

All Ceylon Tamil Congress
Founded August 29, 1944
Website:- Not Available

Buddhist People's Front

Citizen's Front

Democratic Party (Sri Lanka)
Prajathantravadhi Pakshaya
Founded 1 April 2013
Website:- http://www.democraticparty.lk/

Democratic United National Front
(pronounced Prajathanthrvadi Eksath Jathika Peramuna)

Founded 1990
Website:- Not Available

Democratic Unity Alliance

National Liberation People's Party
Desha Vimukthi Janatha Pakshaya
Founded 1988
Website:- Not Available

Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students
Founded 1975
Website:- Not Available

Frontline Socialist Party
Founded 9 April 2012
Website:- Not Available

Green Party of Sri Lanka

Lanka Sama Samaja Party
Founded 18 December 1935
Website:- Not Available

Liberal Party of Sri Lanka
Founded 1987
Website:- http://liberalparty-srilanka.org/

Motherland People's Party

Muslim National Alliance

National Congress (Sri Lanka)
Founded 2004
Website:- Not Available

National Development Front

National Peoples Party

Nationalities Unity Organisation

Nava Sama Samaja Party
Founded 1977
Website:- http://www.nssp.info/

New Democratic Front (Sri Lanka)
Nava Prajathantravadi Peramuna
Founded 2009
Website:- http://www.newdemocraticfront.net/

New Sinhala Heritage
( Nava Sihala Urumaya)

Founded 2006
Website:- Not Available

Our National Front

Our Sri Lanka Freedom Front

People's Welfare Front

Socialist Equality Party
Samajavadi Samanathmatha Pakshaya

Founded 1968 as Revolutionary Communist League
Founded 1996 as Socialist Equality Party
Website:- http://www.socialequality.lk/

Sri Lanka Labour Party

Sri Lanka National Force

Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya
Sri Lanka Mahajana Party
Founded 1984.01.22
Website:- Not Available

Sri Lanka Progressive Front

Sri Lanka Vanguard Party

Tamil Peoples Liberation Tigers
Founded 2004
Website:- Not Available

Tamil United Liberation Front
May 4, 1972
Website:- Not Available

United Democratic Front

United Lanka People's Party

United Peace Front

United People's Party

United Socialist Party (Sri Lanka)
Founded 1989
Website:- http://www.lankasocialist.com/

Unregistered parties

Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)
Founded 1964
Website:- Not Available

Ceylon Democratic Unity Alliance
Website:- Not Available

Democratic National Front

Democratic People's Congress

Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front
Founded 1987
Website:- Not Available

Muslim Tamil National Alliance

National Front for Good Governance

People's Freedom Front
Bahujana Nidahas Peramuna
Founded 1991
Website:- Not Available

People's Liberation Solidarity Front
Founded 1997
Website:- Not Available

People’s Servants Party
Founded June 2015
Website:- Not Available

People's Tamil Congress

Revolutionary Workers Party (Sri Lanka)
Founded 1968
Website:- Not Available

Socialist Party of Sri Lanka
Founded 2006
Website:- Not Available

United Citizens’ Front

United Lanka Great Council

United National Alternative Front
Founded 2000
Website:- Not Available

Defunct parties

Aziz Democratic Workers Congress

Lanka Equal Society Party (Alternative Group)
Lanka Sama Samaja Party (Alternative Group)

People's Front of Liberation Tigers
Founded 1989
Website:- Not Available