Political Parties in Solomon Islands

Active political parties (2006–10)

Democratic Party (Solomon Islands)
Founded October 2005
Website:- Not Available

National Party (Solomon Islands)

People's Alliance Party (Solomon Islands)
Founded 1979
Website:- Not Available

Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement

Association of Independent Members

Parties created in lead up to 2010 election

Direct Development Party (co-founded by former SICHE Director, Dick Ha’amori, and journalist and former MP, Alfred Sasako)

New Nations Solomon Islands Party (founded by businessman Belani Tekulu)

Solomon Islands People’s Congress Party (founded by outgoing Deputy PM, Fred Fono)
Founded 2010 general election.
Website:- Not Available

Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands (RDP-SI, founded by former MP and Minister Danny Philip)

Rural Congress People's Party (founded by Rev. Milton Talasasa)

Ownership, Unity and Responsibility Party (OUR party, co-founded by former PM Manasseh Sogavare and seven other MPs)
Founded 16 January 2010
Website:- Not Available

People's Federation Party (founded by former foreign affairs officer Rudolf Henry Dorah; party Chair is Clay Forau Soalaoi, outgoing MP for Temotu Vatud)

Autonomous Solomon Islanders Party (ASIP, co-founded by former politicians Jackson Sunaone and Denis Lulei)

Twelve Pillars to Peace and Prosperity Party (TP4, founded by Delma Nori)
Founded 30 May 2010
Website:- Not Available

People's Power Action Party (founded by former Honiara Lord Mayor, Robert Wales Feratelia)
Founded February 10, 2010
Website:- Not Available

Rural and Urban Political Party (RUPP) (co-founded by outgoing Lands Minister Samuel Manetoali (President) and outgoing MP for South Vella La Vella, Trevor Olavae)
Founded June 2010
Website:- Not Available

Christian Progressive Party (CPP)

Former political parties

Christian Alliance Party
Founded 2005–06,
Website:- Not Available

Lafari Party
Founded 2005
Website:- Not Available

Solomon Islands Social Credit Party (SoCred, 2006–10, founded by Manasseh Sogavare
Founded July 2005
Website:- Not Available

Solomon One Nation
Founded 2005–06
Website:- Not Available

Solomon First
Founded 2005–06
Website:- Not Available

New Solomons Party
Founded 1997
Website:- Not Available

Christian Alliance Party of Solomon Islands

Labour Party

Solomon Islands Labour Party
Founded 1988
Website:- Not Available