Political Parties in Senegal

African Independence Party – Renewal
(in French: Parti Africain de l'Indépendance)

Founded:- August 14, 1976
Website:- http://p-a-i-sn.tripod.com/

African Party for Independence of the Masses
(Parti Africain pour l'Indépendance des Masses)
Founded:- July 1982
Website:- Not Available

Alliance for Progress and Justice/Jëf-Jël
(Alliance pour le Progrès et la Justice/Jëf-Jël)

Alliance for the Republic–Yakaar
(Alliance pour la république, APR)
Founded:- 1 December 2008
Website:- http://www.apr.sn/

Alliance of the Forces of Progress
(Alliance des forces de progrès)
Website:- http://www.afp-senegal.org/

And-Jëf/African Party for Democracy and Socialism
(And-Jëf/Parti Africain pour la démocratie et le socialisme)
Founded:- 1991
Website:- Not Available

Democratic League/Movement for the Labour Party
(Ligue Démocratique/Mouvement pour le Parti du Travail)
Founded:- July 9, 1981
Website:- http://www.ldmpt.sn/

Front for Socialism and Democracy/Benno Jubël

Gainde Centrist Bloc
(Jean-Paul Dias)

Movement for the Liberation of the Senegalese People
(Louis Jacques Senghor)

National Democratic Rally
(Rassemblement national démocratique)
Founded:- 18 June 1981
Website:- Not Available

Party of Independence and Labour
(Parti de l'Indépendance et du Travail)

Rally of the Ecologists of Senegal
(Rassemblement des écologistes du Sénégal – Les Verts)

Senegalese Democratic Party
Founded:- 31 July 1974
Website:- www.sopionline.com

Senegalese Democratic Party-Renewal
(Parti Démocratique Sénégalais-Rénovation)

Founded:- 1987
Website:- Not Available

Senegalese Democratic Union-Renewal
(Union Démocratique Sénégalais-Rénovation)

Founded:- 1985
Website:- Not Available

Socialist Party of Senegal
Parti socialiste du Sénégal

Founded:- 1958 (as UPS)
Founded:- 1976 (as PS)
Website:- http://www.ps-senegal.sn/

Union for Democratic Renewal (Senegal)
(Union pour le renouveau démocratique)

Founded:- 1998
Website:- Not Available

United to Boost Senegal
(Bennoo Siggil Senegaal, BSS)

Founded:- 22 March 2009
Website:- Not Available