Political Parties in Peru

Union for Peru
Founded 1994
Website:- http://www.partidopoliticoupp.org

Christian People's Party (Peru)
Founded 1966
Website:- ppc.pe

National Solidarity Party (Peru)
Founded 1999
Website:- solidaridadnacional.pe

National Renewal (Peru)
Founded 1992
Website:- http://www.renovacionnacional.org.pe

American Popular Revolutionary Alliance
Founded May 7, 1924 (Mexico)
Founded September 20, 1930 (Peru)
Website:- www.apra.org.pe

Popular Action (Peru)
Founded July 7, 1956; 60 years ago
Website:- accionpopular.com.pe/web/

We Are Peru
Founded June 1, 1997; 19 years ago
Website:- www.somosperu.org.pe

All for Peru
Founded February 23, 2002
Website:- todosporelperu.pe

Possible Peru
Founded Founded September 14, 1994; 22 years ago
Website:- www.peruposible.org.pe

National Restoration (Peru)
Website:- http://www.restauracionnacional.org/

Alliance for Progress (Peru)
Founded December 8, 2001
Website:- Not Available

Democratic Force (Peru)

Founded December 8, 2001
Website:- Not Available

National Justice

Socialist Party (Peru)
Founded 2005
Website:- partidosocialista-peru.com

New Left Movement (Peru)

Go on Country

Party for Social Democracy
Founded 10 December 2005

Peruvian Humanist Party
Website:- www.partidohumanista.org.pe

Agricultural People's Front of Peru
Founded 1968

Andean Renaissance

Ecological Party of Peru

With Force Peru
Founded March 1995
Website:- http://www.confuerzaperu.org/

Peru Now

Democratic Reconstruction

Project Country

Peruvian Resurgence

And It's Called Peru

Let's Make Progress Peru

Former Parliamentary parties

All for Victory

People's Solution

Other parties

Communism in Peru
Founded 1928
Website:- http://www.pcperuano.com/

Communist Party of Peru – Red Fatherland
Founded 1970
Website:- http://www.patriaroja.org.pe/

Communist Party of Peru (Marxist–Leninist)
Founded 2001

Green Alternative Ecologist Party of Peru

Peruvian Communist Party
Founded 1928 (PSP)
Founded 1930 (PCP)
Website:- http://pcperuano.com/

Armed rebel groups

Shining Path
Founded late 1960s