Political Parties in Nigeria

Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
Founded March 2006

All Progressives Congress (APC)
Founded February 6, 2013; 3 years ago
Website:- apc.com.ng
Website:- apcpressreleases.com

African Democratic Congress (ADC)

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)
Founded 2003

African Renaissance Party [ARP]

Conscience People's Congress [CPC]

Citizens Popular Party (CPP)

Democratic Alternative (DA)

Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)
Founded 1986
Website:- www.socialistnigeria.org

Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)

Labour Party [LP]
Founded 2002
Website:- www.labourpartyng.com

Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)

National Conscience Party (NCP)
Founded 1994

New Democrats (ND)

National Democratic Party (NDP)
Founded on 23 July 2001

People's Democratic Party (PDP)
Founded 1998; 18 years ago
Website:- peoplesdemocraticparty.com.ng

Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA)

People Progressive Party (PPP)
Founded 2003

People's Salvation Party (PSP)


Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP)

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)
Founded 2013

Social Democratic Party (SDP)

United Progressive Party (UPP)

Mega People Political Party

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