Political Parties in Mali

Hope 2002 (Espoir 2002)

Rally for Mali
Founded : 2001

National Congress for Democratic Initiative
Founded : 1990

Patriotic Movement for Renewal
Founded : 1995

Rally for Labour Democracy

Alliance for Democracy in Mali
Founded : October 25, 1990

Convergence for Alternation and Change

Party for National Rebirth
Founded : 1995

Sudanese Union – African Democratic Rally
Founded : 1945

African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence
Founded : 1996
Website : partisadi.net

Other parties

Democratic and Social Convention
Founded : January 1991

Movement for the Independence, Renaissance, and Integration of Africa
Founded : December 10, 1994

Party for Democracy and Progress (Mali)
Founded : 1991

Rally for Democracy and Progress (Mali)
Founded : October 1990

Union of Democratic Forces for Progress
Founded : 16 May

Union for the Republic and Democracy
Founded : 2003

Union for Democracy and Development (Mali)

Rally for Education about Sustainable Development

Block of Alternative for the Renewal of Africa

Rally for National Democracy

Rally for Democracy and Labor