Political Parties in Liberia

Unity Party
Founded : 1984
Website : http://www.unitypartyliberia.org/

Congress for Democratic Change
Website : http://www.cdcliberia.org/

Liberty Party

National Patriotic Party
Founded : 1997

New Deal Movement

All Liberia Coalition Party

National Reformation Party

Liberian Destiny Party

National Democratic Party of Liberia
Founded : August 1984

Liberia People Democratic Party

Movement for Economic Empowerment

Democratic Justice Party

Alternative National Congress

Vision for Liberia Transformation

Unrepresented parties

Freedom Alliance Party of Liberia

Free Democratic Party

Labor Party of Liberia

Liberia Equal Rights Party

National Party of Liberia

National Vision Party of Liberia

Progressive Democratic Party

Reformed United Liberia Party

Union of Liberian Democrats

Liberia People Democratic Party

Historical parties

True Whig Party
Founded : 1869