Political Parties in Lesotho

Alliance of Congress Parties

Alliance of Democrats
Founded : December 2016
Website : http://ad.org.ls/

All Basotho Convention
Founded : October 2006
Website : http://www.abc.org.ls/

Basotho Batho Democratic Party

Basotho Congress Party
Founded : 1952

Basotho Democratic National Party

Basotho National Party
Founded : 1959

Basutoland African Congress

Communist Party of Lesotho
Mokhatio oa Makomonisi a Lesotho
Founded : 1962

Democratic Congress
Founded : 2011
Website : www.dc.org.ls

Hareeng Basotho Party

Kopanang Basotho Party

Lesotho Congress for Democracy
Founded : 1997
Website : http://www.lcd.org.ls/

Lesotho Peoples' Congress

Lesotho Workers' Party

Marematlou Freedom Party
Founded : December 1962

Movement for Economic Change
Founded : January 2017

National Independent Party

National Progressive Party

New Lesotho Freedom Party

Popular Front for Democracy

Reformed Congress of Lesotho
Founded : December 2014

Sefate Democratic Union

Social Democratic Party