Political Parties in Haiti

Alliance for the Liberation and Advancement of Haiti

Alternative League for Haitian Progress and Emancipation

Founded : 2015

Christian Movement for a New Haiti Mochrenha
Founded : 1991

Christian National Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti Mouvement Chrétien pour Bâtir une Nouvelle Haïti
Founded : 2005

Convergence Démocratique, a party coalition

Cooperative Action to Build Haiti KONBA

Democratic Alliance Party Alyans

Democratic Consultation Group coalition

Fanmi Lavalas Lavalas Family FL
Founded : 1996
Website : http://www.fanmilavalas.net/

Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats Fusion des Sociaux-Démocrates Haïtiens
Founded : 2005

Haitian Christian Democratic Party

Haitian Democratic Party

Haitian Liberal and Social Party, later merged into People's Party for Haiti's Rebirth

Independent Movement for National Reconciliation MIRN

Inite, party of René Préval

Founded : 2009


Mouvement Démocratique de Liberation d'Haïti MODELH

Mobilization for National Development

Movement for the Organization of the Country

National Cooperative Action Movement

National Front for Change and Democracy

National Reconstruction Front FRN

New Haitian Communist Party Marxist-Leninist
Founded : 2000
Website : http://npch.net/

Open the Gate PLB

Organisation Pour L'Avancement D'Haiti Et Des Haitiens OLAHH

PADEMH Parti Démocrate Haitien

Party for the Integral Advancement of the Haitian People

People's Party for Haiti's Rebirth
Parti Populaire Du Renouveau Haïtian


Peasant Affair with the Haitian People, APPA

Rally of Progressive National Democrats
Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes
Founded : 1979
Website : http://www.rdnp-haiti.org/

Rally of the Militant of the Town of Saint-Marc

Rassemblement des Militants Consequents de la Commune de St. Marc, RAMICOS

Respect Respè
Website : http://www.respehaiti.com/

Socio-Political Organization of the West O.S.P.O

Struggling People's Organization
Òganizasyon Pèp Kap Lité
Founded : 1991
Website : http://www.oplhaiti.org/

Tèt Kale Party

The Haitian Brotherhood
La Fraternite Haitienne

Viv Ansanm