Political Parties in Cyprus

Republican Turkish Party
Cumhuriyetçi Türk Partisi

Founded 1970
Website:- ‹ www.ctp-bg.com

National Unity Party
Ulusal Birlik Partisi

Founded 1975

Democratic Party
Demokrat Parti DP

Founded 1992
Website http://www.demokratparti.org/

Communal Democracy Party
Toplumcu Demokrasi Partisi

Founded May 2007
Website:- tdpkibris.org

Parties without representation

Freedom and Reform Party
Özgürlük ve Reform Partisi, ÖRP
Founded 2006
Website:- http://www.ozgurparti.org/

National Birth Party
Turkish: Ulusal Dirilis Partisi

Nationalist Peace Party
(Turkish: Milliyetçi Baris Partisi)

New Cyprus Party
(Turkish: Yeni Kibris Partisi)
Founded 30 October 1989
Website:- http://www.ykp.org.cy/

New Party (Cyprus)
(Turkish: Yeni Parti)

Solution and EU Party
(Turkish: Çözüm ve AB Partisi)

United Cyprus Party
(Turkish: Birlesik Kibris Partisi)
Founded 2003
Website:- www.birlesikkibris.com