Political Parties in Cabo Verde

Movement for Democracy (Cape Verde)
Movimento para Democracia, MpD
Founded : 1990
Website : www.mpd.cv

African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde
Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo Verde, PAICV
Founded : January 1981
Website : http://www.paicv.cv/

Democratic and Independent Cape Verdean Union
União Caboverdiana Independente e Democrática
Founded : 1981
Website : http://www.ucid-cv.com/

Labour and Solidarity Party
Partido de Trabalho e Solidariedade, PTS
Founded : 1998
Website : None

Democratic Renewal Party (Cape Verde)
Partido da Renovação Democrática, PRD
Founded : 2000
Website : None

Democratic Convergence Party (Cape Verde)
Partido da Convergência Democrática, PCD
Founded : 1995
Website : None

Other parties

People's Party (Cape Verde)
Social Democratic Party (Cape Verde)
Modernize São Vicente Movement