Political parties in countries in this world
Political Parties

We have shared various political parties in about 150 countries. We plan to share political parties which we have missed in these countries and also add political parties in other countries, territories where we have not shared any political party.

In our global country, India, we also have shared political parties in districts. This means two things.
1) We can share those political parties which are only present in the district where they are formed.
2) We can share political party office address in various districts. e.g. Shiv Sena party has presence in districts in Maharashtra as well as in districts other than Maharashtra. So we can share every district where the party has physical office. The only thing regarding this is the address either is available in the public zone on the political party's website or the political party has to share that address with us through ae email to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com
This is more significant in case of BJP & Indian National Congress (names shared in alphabetical order) because they are present in many States / UT of India.
Please note that in case of political parties, the addresses are shared in alphabetical order.
Any individual or organisation can sponsor the top banner in any specific country. But the sponsor should not be a political party or anyone who is a member of any political party.

When you send an email, the Subject should be Political parties and the email content should be name of the political party, county, foundation date & year and link to the website of the political party.
Please dont share any images, pdf or presentations or word files.

We respect all the political parties which help the communities and citizens. And this covers citizens which vote for them or can potentially vote for them or are voting for political parties which oppose them.

Please note
1) We will be sharing social programmes of all political parties in their respective countries without any charge.
In our global sample country India, we share the social issues separately in each social issue forum and the programmes will be shared districtwise in India.
The social programmes will be sent to us in 7 lines with the first line sharing political party's name & title of the programme, then 5 lines brief of the programmes and then the 7th line will be your contact phone number.
2) Any political party can send funding proposals for social issues and social videos free because we are a social issues driven site. Again, the funding proposal & videos are not about political parties but the social issues they serve but of course the name of the political party can come because we are sharing the name of organisations and the project name and at the end, they can give the name of the contact person and country time to contact. The time of each country can be seen on the index page of that country.

We will not be able to accept any political programmes or asking people to vote for you or not vote political parties which oppose you because we are a social site and politics is not our agenda. But we know that countries are ruled by political parties and there are a lot of government schemes for citizens. So we happily cover social programmes of all political parties across the world.