Planet Venus

Similar in size and structure to Earth, Venus has been called Earth's twin. These are not identical twins, however – there are radical differences between the two worlds.

Venus has a thick, toxic atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide and it’s perpetually shrouded in thick, yellowish clouds of mostly sulfuric acid that trap heat, causing a runaway greenhouse effect. It’s the hottest planet in our solar system, even though Mercury is closer to the Sun. Venus has crushing air pressure at its surface – more than 90 times that of Earth – similar to the pressure you'd encounter a mile below the ocean on Earth.

10 Things to know
1 Earth sized
2 Second Rock
3 A day longer than a year
4 Diverse Terrain
5 Moonless & Ringless
6 Greenhouse effect
7 Water on Venus
8 Many visitors
9 Life on Venus
10 Super Rotating Atmosphere
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