Planet Neptune

Dark, cold and whipped by supersonic winds, ice giant Neptune is the eighth and most distant planet in our solar system.

More than 30 times as far from the Sun as Earth, Neptune is the only planet in our solar system not visible to the naked eye and the first predicted by mathematics before its discovery. In 2011 Neptune completed its first 165-year orbit since its discovery in 1846

10 Things to know
1 Giant
2 Eighth wanderer
3 Short day, Long year
4 Ice giant
5 Gassy
6 Many moons : 12 moons
7 Faint rights : 5 main rings, 4 ring arcs
8 One voyage there
9 Lifeless
10 One cool fact
Because of dwarf planet Pluto’s elliptical orbit, Pluto is sometimes closer to the Sun (and us) than Neptune is.
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