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NGO Brands

We plan to share 100 000 NGO in the world by NGO name.

Mother knows Bill Gates as Bill , Mukesh Ambani as Mukesh ,
Dr Harshad Prandare as Harshad

We all respect celebrities so much that corporates ask some of them to be their icons.

IBM is known to all.
IMB is not known. International Mission Board is a Baptist Christian missionary society affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

No human being can survive without Water, but are told that WOTR NGO cofounder Crispino Lobo is not recognised by the communities served by WOTR

We will fail in life if we cant brand NGOs.

Yes, just by name, you cant tell whether the corporate is good or is just making money or is helping employees as well as society like Tata companies or not bothering even those who work with them ... similarly you cant tell whether the NGO is credible to financially support or volunteer with or is bad or is just giving money to those who give money to it ... because NGOs and corporates are governed by humans and just by looking at a human you cant judge whether she or he or transgender is good or bad ... in medical field, experienced doctors can judge a patient by just looking at her or him or transgender but still they use machines to do X Ray or MRI before confirming because what is more important in medical field is human & machine togetherness before judgement.

Contact : Datacentre at CSR Identity dot com

No photographs, logos, images, presentations, word or pdf files because our machine is likely to reject such emails

Why just brand name ?

When founder read news about Kering Board, he wanted to know details of Kering. He knew Kering is based in France but it is not possible for him or millions of others to know immediately where are 50 000 companies based and their official website (We plan to share by 31.3.2022)

Many in India know Pratham, Pradan, Give India ..
But how many know Ashray Akruti Foundation, Mumbai or Late Wamanrao Oke Raktapedhi in Thane ?

In India, the official number of NGOs is close to 3 million, so we can think of at least 6 million NGOs on the world. Out of 6000000 NGOs, 100000 NGOs by 31.3.2022. It is not too big but if the response is good, we may increase it to 1 million (10 00 000) NGOs by 2025. knows Bhau, who startd postponing death of founder had indirectly told him, that earn only that much money which can sustain yourself and future challenges you face plus income for your family's future specially Rohan. So earning too much money is not our concern but money is needed to make global visibility of and we must have enough money to share social, health, climate issues which may not get support by anyone plus sharing how our global development examples develop with clean attitude.

We could have offered banner of right side to NGOs whose name starts with Aa, another one for Ab ... so 26 letters into 26 first two alphabets which is 676 but we have taken a decision on 10.2.2021, that we will have only 26 organisations whose banner will be on 26 alphabets.

So NGOs whose names start with Aa, Ab, Ac, Ad, Ae, Af, Ag, Ah, Ai, Aj, Ak, Al, Am, An, Ao, Ap, Aq, Ar, As, At, Au, Av, Aw, Ax, Ay, Az will have only one sponsor banner who may have 26 different banners.

Same with other alphabets.
We share them in Aa, Ab ... format only because 100 000 divided by 26 becomes a large number.

For banner fees, send a mail to

We also share NGOs issuewise in related issue forum.

But again, we are different.
So we share country next to the name of the NGO because we believe each country is a Brand