NGOs in India shared districtwise

India is global country example of CSRidentity.com

So while we plan to share 200 000 NGOs from about 200 other countries, SARs, Islands, territories, from India, we plan to share a minimum 100 000 NGOs from India and the numbers may go up if there is good response from NGOs, Governments, Corporates, Philanthropists ...

CSRidentity.com has already shared 70 000 NGOs from India and plan to share 30 000 NGOs by 31.3.2020.

Links to the official websites of corporates
We have experienced that many NGOs do not have their official websites. In today's world, with technology progressing, they have their pages on facebook or other big portals. We plan to share links to the official websites of at least 36500 NGOs by 31.3.2020 and share their names first and then share NGOs which are not having their websites (only names).
We might share their facebook or other pages with due permissions.

There are some portals which are agencies which either raise NGOs or just share names with details. As per our editorial policy, we will not share links of NGOs to these portals.

We also have to see whether the NGOs which have foundation at the end are funding agencies or NGOs. We may share names ending with Foundation at the end which are actually Funding agencies and if you know such mistakes we do, just mail Datacentre@CSRidentity.com such names, so that we can take corrective action after talking to the NGO.

There are many corporate foundations which are registered as NGOs but if such foundations raise 75% of more money from the corporate of which it is a foundation, then we will check with the foundation whether we should share it as NGO or as funding agency. Similarly, some social entrepreneurs are for profits but most of them are NGOs. e.g. Founder was given Ashoka Social Entrepreneurship for his "For profit" efforts. So we cant be an NGO. But founder has established Developed Nation Network Trust which is an NGO and it will be shared as NGO.

We have seen that it may look like we are sharing same name in different districts by mistake. But the fact is there are NGOs with same name but are in different districts. Their focus area can be same or different, their canvas of helping can be different locations. That's why ideally, we want to share official websites so that one can know details.

Sponsorship cost
As per our editorial policy, no NGO can sponsor this forum because other NGOs may not to share their name (even if its free) where one NGO is a sponsor and takes more than 50% of the entire space (And we share more than 1000 pages - not only district pages are different but we will not share more than 100 NGOs per page).

But Corporates, Funding agencies, Ad or PR agencies, Social Work colleges, Philanthropists .. can sponsor this forum (And if the forum is taken by a corporate or funding agency or philanthropist, we will make it clear that sponsorship of the forum is helping NGOs in India share their name with official link to their website, and no one should approach the sponsor for funds.

Sponsorship fee includes research not only for names with due links but of checking whether the NGO is a funding agency or foundation or social enterprise, telecons, promotion (Online, whatapp, emails), sustainability, our profit.
email toDatacentre@CSRidentity.com to know the costs.

The banner on top of every page in this NGO Forum will not be given to the sponsor because this is an information portal and on top of every page, we want to share clearly that this is about NGOs in India and having worked in Advertising & PR, founder is clear that it is not right to tell the advertiser what not to put.

The sponsor will get 59% space on the right side of each page of NGOs in India forum (Width : 590 px and height : 1000 px) and 100 000 NGOs share districtwise means more than 1000 pages.

What about non sponsor corporates, NGOs ?
We give opportunity for Corporates & NGOs to share their name with link to their official website on top of every page of the corporate forum for a nominal fee. And these can be corporates & NGOs from any country but we know corporates in South Korea who have no presence in India will not like to invest even a small amount or even if we say its free .. so ideally corporates or NGOs in India will only invest in having their name on top of every page and again, we restrict the number of corporates and NGOs to 25 only because too many corporates will not give them desired visibility.

Search NGOs issuewise
Each Social, Health, Climate Issue forum will share names of NGOs which have programmes on related issue in India.

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or
message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599
No calls will be taken on above numbers because we may be in meetings and night time in India means day time in US or afternoon / evening time in UK ... so we may be having online discussions with them at that time or thinking or strategising ...

This can be your banner. Contact Datacentre@CSRidentity.com