We Salute You, Our Homeland

We greet you, Oh Fatherland, a thousand times!
Oh Fatherland, Glory be to you! Glory be to you!
Your breast, your breast, overflows,
Your breast overflows with joy and peace;
And your radiant face, your radiant face
is brighter than the sun shining we see,
And your radiant face, your radiant face
is brighter than the sun shining we see.

The worthy sons of the soil
Which magnificently adorns Pichincha,
They always declared you as their sovereign lady
And shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted that sacrifice,
And this blood was the prolific seed
Of other heroes who amazed the world,
And in turn, of thousands arising around you.
Thousands arising around you, thousands arising around you.

He yielded at last the fierce Spanish,
And now, oh fatherland, your free existence
The noble and magnificent heritage,
That gave us the heroism happy:
The father's hands we had,
No one tries arrancárnosla now
Excite our anger or vengeful
Wish, foolish or bold, against itself.

Of the heroes iron arm
No land was invincible,
And the high mountain valley
You could hear the roar of the fray;
After the lid flew to victory,
Freedom after the victory came,
And the lion was heard broken
Roar of helplessness and despair

No one, oh Patria, try it. Shadows
Your glorious heroes watch us,
And the value and pride that inspire
They are omens of wins for you.
Come on fulmíneo iron and lead,
That the idea of war and revenge
Wakes the heroic strength
He did succumb to the fierce Spanish.

And if new chains prepared
The barbaric injustice of fate,
Pichincha great! you expect death
Of the country and their children to the end;
Sinks to the deep point in your gut
When there in your land, the tyrant
Trample only ashes and in vain
Look for trace to be with you.

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