Member of parliament in Loksabha in India

A Member of Parliament is any member of the Indian Parliament called Sansad, i.e. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

While the members of the Lok Sabha are elected in constituencies in each of the Indian states and union territories, the members of the Rajya Sabha are elected indirectly by the state legislatures.
Each state is allocated a fixed number of representatives in each chamber, in order of their respective population.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has the greatest number of representatives in both houses.

The President of India, appoints representatives of the Anglo-Indian community.

The political party which secures more than half the seats in the Lok Sabha forms the Government of India. If a specific party is unable to form government with their number of MPs, they may form a coalition government with a number of representatives members of other political parties.

The Lok Sabha is the lower house and the Rajya Sabha is the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

The term period of an elected member of the Rajya Sabha is 6 years, while the member elected for the Lok Sabha is only for 5 years.

We have shared the MPs districtwise because CSRidentity.com focus is on districts of India. In Thane district, there are 3 constituencies, where as in Andaman & Nicobar Union Territory, there are 3 districts but only 1 constituency)

We will share the contact details of each MP free by 15.8.2019.

We plan to interview some of them to know the district status in 2030, the key issues / challenges the community faces and what are their solutions to these challenges. And of course which constituency / district issues they want to raise at the parliament level / India level or global level.