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District visibility

Fees are same for all
Total fees in India : Rs 3000/- (Including GST)
Total fees from countries other than India : USD 50

Period of district visibility fee
From the date of payment to 31.03.2020

How district visibility membership helps
District visibility is given to institutions & individuals registered in India or are citizens of India.
District visibility means on each page of the district we share the name of related corporate, NGO, funding agency, individuals, politicians ... with direct link to the website of the institution or individual.

District visibility enhances the brand image.

How we will promote your identity & image within the district
1) Your name will be shared on all pages of the district (we mention your name with due link to your website).
Please note that names are shared alphabetically and the heading of the type of insitution or individual is mentioned and then the name & link. e.g. corporate, NGOs, UN / funding agency / corporate foundation, philanthropist, ad agency, PR agency, cosultant, researcher, celebrity, police official, politician, political party.

2) We will send monthly mails to some large corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, media, PR agencies in your country. If you want to add any particular name, just give us the name and e contact of the concerned person and we will include it in related country database.
This will be part of our eNewsletters which goes to institutions & individuals from 28.06.2018 (we will send 1000 to 3000 emails per day).

3) Regular visitors will of course see your name because it is in nondrop down format on the index page of the related district and is shared in the drop down format on the left side of each district page other than index page.

4) One may see free names of corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, ad / PR agencies, in all countries and districts of India.
By 1.4.2020, we will share free website links to all stakeholders from all districts in India then why we need district visibility.
The answer is clear. The names are shared free on the respected pages in the country like the NGO name will be seen only on the NGO page of the country and names with due website links of district visibility members are shared in all pages of the district.
Please note that in India, we do not share names of corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, celebrities districtwise.
But we share doctors, hospitals, police headquarters districtwise because we believe health & safety is wealth.

Note :
1) For payment from outside India, we have to pay our bank some administrative charges for bank transfer.
2) The country visibility fee is for the corporate, UN agency, NGO ....and not for the group.
3) In case your organisation has no website, then we put 1000 word profile in the country of their registration (in case of organisations) or country of citizenship (in case of individuals)

Membership form

Pay though payment gateway

Please pay fees by bank tranfer
Our bank details
State Bank of India
Gokhale Road, Naupada
Thane (West) branch.
C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.
Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) results in indirectly cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid. The cost of bank transfer is less than cost of post / courier. This is a small contribution from our side towards climate change. In addition, for every country member, we plan to give one Tulas plant or any tree sapling or agriculture seeds to organisations in Thane district who can take care of the plant.

But for some reasons, you have to send membership form & fees by post / courier, send it to :
The Accounts Executive
Corporate Sustainability and Reputation Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Devendra Apartments
Sahyog Mandir Road
Ghantali, Naupada,
Thane 400602
Maharashtra, India
Phones : 0 97694 73599 or
0 97694 64033

No change in fees
The fees includes GST, so whether the GST increases or decreases or whether the government puts any additional tax, the fees include these taxes and will not change)

The only thing one has to remember is that the membership period is from now to 31.3.2020, so it is good if one becomes a country visibility member on 1st July 2018 rather than 1st July 2019.