Media in India : (Print media, Magazine, Social media)

Please remember
Media is critical to know the up to date information (online media gives 24 hours up to last minute or last hour information).

It may be just a city newspaper, state news paper or national newspaper or business news paper ...

We share the media in 26 pages and plan to share districtwise media or editions of media from 1.1.2020 because one must know what is happening locally. NRIs can visit the website of the media which covers their town or their birth place or state or UT to get the latest knowhow.

We know many newspapers, magazines, Diwali magazines, blogs, online media is missing and will try to cover the same regularly. Our founder had stopped visiting many social media or groups he was member of because it is tooooo much of information and many times it was eating his time. But he realises that old friends or Gold friends because many came to not just the hospital staying at night but at home, giving constant support to his family. But again, they are hardly online.
But he will start becoming a regular visitor from 12 Feb 2019, visiting or reading at least 10 minutes per day.

Ad / PR agencies will find it useful because they can go to the website and see who is the contact person to share the latest of their client's social responsibility programmes.


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