Knowledge Bank : We plan to share 10 000 NGOs in different countries. All NGOs are shared issuewise and within the page countrywise.

We plan to share about 10000 NGOs / NPOs.
1) These are shared issuewise and within the issue page, we share the NGO / NPO countrywise so that we help you save time.
2) In each issue, we share India first and then all countries in english alphabetical order.
3) If an NGO works on 5 issues, we share them in 5 issue pages and within the issue page, mention them countrywise.
4) We are just mentioning their name and link it to their website so that one can contact you directly (We are integrators of information and get invaluable satisfaction as return gift)

We know there are millions of NGOs/ NPOs in different countries addressing challenges on various issues.

These 10 000 NGOs are just samples.
They can be inspiring examples on any of the following.
1) How to do programmes
2) How to approach funding agencies
3) How to approach companies for employee volunteering or Pay roll giving
4) How to approach media for getting visibilityfor the good work that you are doing

One can visit the NGO in the field of its programmes (e.g. if an NGO working for children, can visit children page which shares NGOs across the world and see what they can learn from these NGOs or how the programmes of the visitor are better than some of the NGOs mentioned.
Please note that we are taking examples from reputed funding agencies or reputed corporates or agencies which raise funds for NGOs and visiting the website of the NGO and seeing its funding can easily give information about the organisations which are funding the NGOs.

By 28.8.2019, we will have 1000 NGOs and will add more NGOs linked to their websites when someone supports our research financially. But we will internally go on doing global research, so we will have the research done though the names are not shared.

None of the 10 000 NGOs selected by editorial will have to pay any amount for sharing in the Knowledge Bank folder.

What if NGOs want more attention ?
These 10 000 NGOs are shared on issue pages. But it is quite possible that one of these 10 000 NGOs or other NGOs not shared by us, would like to share their name on top of every page of this Knowledge Bank of NGOs folder.

We can do that for a promotion fee of Rs 11800/- or USD 200/- for the period which starts now to 31st March 2021 (Fees include 18% GST in India and admin fees we have to pay bank in case of payments from countries other than India).
We will share the NGOs in English alphabetical order and next to them will be country of its headquarters.

How editorial selects 10 000 NGOs
- NGO must be at least 5 years old (If we realise that we have shared an NGO which is less than 5 years in operation, we will remove the name because our condition is NGOs must be at least working for last 5 years)
- NGOs are started by Ashoka Fellows (We will not take any NGO which has Anti government programmes or which starts anti government initiatives - by anti government we mean against the government of that country)
- NGOs financially supported by well known foundations, funding agencies, by people who donate substantially and some 100 corporates.

Sample example of how we share the NGO
Wockahrdt Foundation
Their name is shared issuewise and since they are headquartered in our global example country India, we share them under the heading India. See following pages

Clean country, education, health, organ transplantation (Organ donation), peace of mind, rural development, sanitation, skill development, water)

NGOs which will be shared in this folder
1) NGOs started by ASHOKA Fellows
2) NGOs financially supported by Gates Foundation
3) NGOs started by individuals or families who have taken Giving Pledge

In some cases, NGOs are named as foundations, we will talk to them or whatapp them or send a mail to find out whether they are NGO or funding agency. e.g. We talked to Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala asking him whether Wockhardt Foundation is registered as an NGO or is a funding agency or is not registered and is a CSR arm of Wockhardt. When he said NGO, we said we will share it because we have personally seen good work they do in ambulance services.

We also plan to share
1) What is the Identity of sector ?
2) What is the Role of the sector ?
3) What are the Responsibilities of the sector ?
4) What are various Questions asked about the sector ?

For details, contact Datacentre.

Your banner can be here. Research & Promotion costs and period shared below the banner
CSRidentity.com plan : 10 000 NGOs shared issuewise & within the issue, countrywise.
If an NGO works on 5 issues, it will be in 5 issuepages.
Fees :
Rs 14 16 000/- or USD 22 000/- (Fees include GST in India and Bank charges if we get payment for countries other than India.
Period :
From now to 31.3.2021.
Contact Datacentre.