Number of deaths 2000
Number of deaths 2012
Total deaths
53 million
56 million
Ischaemic heart disease
6.0 million
7.4 million
5.7 million
6.7 million
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
3.1 million
3.1 million
Lower respiratory infections
3.5 million
3.1 million
Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers
1.2 million
1.6 million
1.7 million
1.5 million
Diarrhoeal diseases
2.2 million
1.5 million
Diabetes mellitus
1 million
1.5 million
Road injury
1 million
1.3 million
Hypertensive heart disease
1.1 million
Preterm birth complications
1.3 million
1.1 million
1.3 million
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