Discoveries and Inventions : Names starting with T

CSRidentity.com has shared the name of discovery and invention and then the name of the related scientist. Depending on our research / response from visitors, we may add more names.

T.N.T. : llly Brandt
Talkies : Lee-de-Frost
Tank : Sir Ernest Swington
Telegraph : Samuel Morse
Telegraphic Code : Samuel Morse
Telephone : Sir Alexander Graham Bell
Telescope : Galileo
Television (mechanical) : John Logie Baird
Television : Baird
Tempo of Evolution : George Gaylord Simpson
Terylene : J. Whinfield and H. Dickson
The long playing microgroove record : Peter Goldmark
Theory of conditioned reflex : Pavlov
Theory of Evolution : Darwin
Theory of Relativity : Einstein
Theory of the Atom : John Dalton
Thermodynamics : Ludwig Boltzmann
Thermometer : Galileo Gallei
Thermos Flasks : Dewar
Tractor : J. Froelich
Transformer : Michael Faraday
Transistor : Bardeen, Shockley, Brattain
Typewriter : C. Sholes

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