Discoveries and Inventions : Names starting with S

CSRidentity.com has shared the name of discovery and invention and then the name of the related scientist. Depending on our research / response from visitors, we may add more names.

Safety lamp : Sir Humphrey Davy
Safety Pin : William Hurst
Safety Razor King : C. Gillette
Salk Vaccine : Salk
Saxophone : Antoine Joseph Sax
Scientific astronomy : Hippalus
Scientific Thinking : Lucretius
Scooter : G. Bradshaw
Seismograph : Roberts Mallet
Sewing Machine : Thomas Saint
Sextant : Hadley
Ship (steam) : J.C. Perier
Ship (turbine) : Sir Charles Parsons
Shorthand : Sir Isaac Pitman
Sociobiology : Edward O. Wilson
Solar System : Copernicus (1540)
South Pole : Amundson (1912)
Soviet Genetics : Trofim Lysenko
Space flying : Braun, Dr.Wernher Von
Specific Gravity : Archimedes
Spectroscope : Bunsen
Spectroscopy : Gustav Kirchhoff
Spinning frame : Sir Richard Arkwight
Spinning jenny : James Hargreaves
Stainless Steel : Harry Brearley
Steam boat : Fulton
Steam engine (condenser) : James Watt
Steam engine (piston) : Thomas Newcome
Steam Engine : James Watt
Steam Turbine : Parsons
Steel Melting Process : Bessemer
Steel production : Henry Bessemer
Stethoscope : Dr. William Stokes, Rene Laennec
Stress Concept : Hans Selye
Structural Anthropology : Claude Levi-Strauss
Structure of DNA : James Watson
Structure of the Atom : Ernest Rutherford
Submarine : David Bushnell
Sulpha Drugs : Domagk
Superconductivity : Heike Kamerlingh
Symbiosis Theory : Lynn Margulis
Symbol : William Oughtred

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