Discoveries and Inventions : Names starting with L

CSRidentity.com has shared the name of discovery and invention and then the name of the related scientist. Depending on our research / response from visitors, we may add more names.

Laboratory Gas Burner : Robert Wilhelm Von Bunsen
Laughing Gas : Priestley
Law of Electrolysis : Faraday
Law of gases : Gay Lussac
Laws of Electrical Resistance : Ohm
Laws of Gravitation : Newton
Laws of Heredity Gregory : Mandel
Laws of Inheritance Gregor : Mendel
Laws of Motion : Newton
Laws of Multiple Proportion : Dalton
Laws of Natural Selections : Darwin
Laws of Planetary : Motion Kepler
Life Boat Henry : Great Head
Lift (Elevators) : Otis
Lift : E.G. Otis
Lightning Conductor : Benjamin Franklin
Line of demarcation (ship) Plimsoll
Linotype Mergenthaler
Liquid Oxygen : Dewar
Locomotive : Richard Trevithick
Logarithmic tables : John Napier
Logarithms : John Napier

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