Discoveries and Inventions : Names starting with B

CSRidentity.com has shared the name of discovery and invention and then the name of the related scientist. Depending on our research / response from visitors, we may add more names.

Bacteriology : Robert Koch
Bacteriophage : Max Delbruck
Bakelite : Leo H Baekeland
Balloon : Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier
Ball-Point Pen : John J. Loud
Barometer : Evangelista Torricelli
Behaviorism : B. F. Skinner
Beriberi : Eijkman
Bicycle : Kirkpatrick Macmillan
Bicycle Tyre : J. B. Dunlop
Bifocal Lens : Benjamin Franklin
Binomial Nomenclature : Carl Linnaeus
Biogenetic Principle : Ernst Haeckel
Bismuth : Valentine
Blood Circulation : Harvey
Blood Groups : Karl Landsteiner
Bomb : Edward Teller
Boson S. N. Bose
Boyle’s law : Boyle
Braille : Louis Braille
Breaking up the Nucleus of an atom : Rutherford

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