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Flag Description
A gold sun with 32 rays above a soaring golden steppe eagle, both centered on a sky blue background; the hoist side displays a national ornamental pattern "koshkar-muiz" (the horns of the ram) in gold; the blue color is of religious significance to the Turkic peoples of the country, and so symbolizes cultural and ethnic unity; it also represents the endless sky as well as water; the sun, a source of life and energy, exemplifies wealth and plenitude; the sun's rays are shaped like grain, which is the basis of abundance and prosperity; the eagle has appeared on the flags of Kazakh tribes for centuries and represents freedom, power, and the flight to the future

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from the Soviet Union
- Kazakh Khanate 1465
- Alash Autonomy December 13, 1917
- Kazakh SSR December 5, 1936
- Declared December 16, 1991
- Finalized December 25, 1991


Calling code
+7-6xx, +7-7xx

Tenge () (KZT)

Geographic Coordinates
51°10'N 71°25'E

Official languages
Kazakh (1st official language)
Russian (2nd official language)

Middle East, northwest of Saudi Arabia, between Israel (to the west) and Iraq

Geographic coordinates
31 00 N, 36 00 E

Map references
Middle East

total: 89,342 sq km
country comparison to the world: 112
land: 88,802 sq km
water: 540 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly smaller than Indiana

26 km

Maritime claims
territorial sea: 3 nm

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Dead Sea -408 m
highest point: Jabal Umm ad Dami 1,854 m

noun: Jordanian(s)
adjective: Jordanian

Arabic (official), English (widely understood among upper and middle classes)

National symbol(s)

National anthem
name: "As-salam al-malaki al-urdoni" (Long Live the King of Jordan)

National Anthem lyrics/music
Abdul-Mone'm al-RIFAI'/Abdul-Qader al-TANEER
note: adopted 1946; the shortened version of the anthem is used most commonly, while the full version is reserved for special occasions

revenues: $6.868 billion
expenditures: $10.71 billion (2013 est.)

Taxes and other revenues
20.2% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 164

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