Interesting Facts in Belize
Belize’s population in 2013 was estimated at 331,900 people. (Source: World Bank)

The capital of Belize is Belmopan and is located 80 km (50 miles) inland from Belize City.

Belize only has one international airport and is named Philip S.W. Goldson International which is close to Belize City.

The best time to travel to Belize is from October to late April.

Belize’s currency code is BZD and the exchange rate is $2BZD to 1 USD.

Belize’s official language is English. However Spanish and Kriol are widely spoken.

Approximately 75% of Belizeans are Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Belize has a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The Queen of England is also the Queen of Belize.

Belize’s country dialing code is +501.

Belize has a tropical climate with two seasons: wet and dry.