Industry Associations in Uzbekistan

Chkalov Tashkent Industrial Aircraft Association
The government-controlled Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Company, headquartered outside of Tashkent, maintains one of the largest and most significant aircraft assembly plants in Central Asia. The V.P.Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation State Joint-Stock Company has great potential in the aircraft production industry. Chkalov employs a workforce of 30,000 and is one of the largest businesses in Uzbekistan. President Islam Karimov, who is extremely supportive of aviation, is one of the main reasons so many improvements have been implemented so quickly. The Tashkent Aviation Production Organisation was established in 1932 at Khimki in the Moscow region but moved to its present site in Uzbekistan in 1941, during WW II. Valeriy Chkalov was the most experienced of all Soviet test pilots. Along with Rostislav Evgenievich Alekseev [who went on to become the Chief Designer in Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau], he piloted the first non-stop flight between the USSR and USA. Chkalov lost his life on 15 December 1938, while testing the new Polikarpov I-180 prototype. This tragedy sent shockwaves throughout the entire Soviet aviation community. Several designers from the Polikarpov Design Bureau were arrested for "Wrecking" and "Sabotage" by Stalin, and no other Polikarpov design ever entered production. Chkalov was enshrined as a national hero following his death, and many dedications, voluntary funds, and memorials were erected in his name throughout the Great Patriotic War. During its long existence, the company has been involved in the production of a wide range of aircraft including: I-15, I-16, I-153, Li-2, Il-14, An-8, An-12, An-22, and Ka-22, as well as the wing and centre section of the An-124 and An-225. In addition, the company has produced the following variants of the Il-76: Il-76K, ?Scalpel?, Scip, Il-78 and A-50.

61 Elbek Str.,
700016 Tashkent,
Republic of Uzbekistan
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