Industry Associations in Tunisia

Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts

Created in 1947, the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts is the central national employer; it brings together the professional structures of the different non-agricultural economic sectors (Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Crafts and Small Trades).

UTICA represents nearly 150,000 private enterprises from all sectors (except of Tourism and the banking and financial sector). Most of these member companies consists of small and medium enterprises. UTICA more than 25,000 union officials.

Led by decision-making structures and supported by specialized commissions, UTICA accompanies, coordinates and mobilizes all its associate members in the various regional and professional structures. It thus constitutes an important player integration and economic development while supporting the activities and business development both regionally and nationally and internationally.

The structural organization UTICA gives it both a sectoral representativeness, through the federations and national trade associations but also through geographical proximity to regional and local unions.


17 federations, 24 regional unions, 216 local unions, 370 national trade associations and 1,700 regional trade associations.

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