Industry Associations in Tonga

New Zealand Tonga Business Council (NZTBC)

The New Zealand Tonga Business Council (NZTBC) established in 2010 with the purpose to grow and develop the international relationship between New Zealand and Tonga. Its role in the business community is to encourage and support bi-lateral trade*, grow investment opportunities between New Zealand and Tonga and to also work collaboratively with the Tongan Government and its key stakeholders. The NZTBC does this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operate and by providing information and advice that assists the success of businesses in both countries who have an interest towards Tonga and New Zealand.

The Vision Statement of the Council is to promote positive bilateral trade between New Zealand and Tonga.

As a result of the NZTBC’s current Executive Committee in the business community, the organisation is a credible source of knowledge and information for other business and organisations. The NZTBC enjoys a close relationship with a number of industry bodies including local and central government both in New Zealand and in Tonga.

The NZTBC is a not for profit, membership organisation and the only industry body in New Zealand dedicated to supporting Tonga traders. The NZTBC is the first point of contact for many businesses looking to explore opportunities in Tonga and it also services a growing database of business professionals who are actively doing business with Tonga.

The NZTBC works closely with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Auckland’s premier business organisation, operating its central business hub from the Chamber offices. This relationship enables the NZTBC to enjoy first class administrative and accounting support, event management and marketing exposure.


Executive Officer: Christine Connon
Postal Address:
New Zealand Tonga Business Council
P.O. Box 47
Auckland 1140
New Zealand
P: (+64) 9 309 6100
F: (+64) 9 309 0081