Industry Associations in Tajikistan

AmCham Tajikistan

The American Chamber of Commerce in Tajikistan (AmCham Tajikistan) is a leading national business association providing access to opportunities for networking, business development and advocacy. AmCham has enjoyed tremendous success over the past few years, with its membership base growing three-fold since 2009. This has meant greater leverage over policy-making and more opportunities for its members. Membership is open to any business organization – whether operating inside or outside of Tajikistan – that is willing to contribute toward the goal of a free and favorable economic environment in the country.

AmCham’s goals and objectives are defined as follows:

Promote and develop business activities of members;
Create favorable conditions for companies to establish and develop their business, and attract foreign investors;
Represent and protect the interests of the Association's members;
Cooperate with different bodies of Tajikistan in the spheres of the improvement (including legislative) of the investment climate and business environment;
Cooperate with local and foreign organizations and unions as they relate to the Association’s interests;
Provide a platform for communications for international and local business communities.

The mission of AmCham Tajikistan is to support and advocate for all of its members’ business activities in Tajikistan, as well as to provide a platform for sharing information, ideas, opportunities and experiences between important actors in the business community.

The Association’s vision for the future is to realize the goal of a regulatory economic environment that is conducive to doing business and one in which all market participants enjoy equal access to opportunities. In practical terms, this translates into reduced transaction costs, greater predictability in an ever-changing environment, increased incentives, and an expansion of opportunities.

As the Tajik business community’s strongest advocate, AmCham will ensure that policy-makers take into account its members’ interests in all relevant commercial and legislative decisions. By forging partnerships through enterprise, the Association has strategically positioned itself to make headways in realizing its vision.

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