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South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, SSCCIA

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, SSCCIA, is the umbrella body representing and advocating for the private sector in the Republic of South Sudan.

It is a membership based organization, whose foundation dates back to 2003, in Rumbek, one of the then Sudan People Liberation Army liberated areas.

It has branches in all 10 States of the Republic of South Sudan, through States’ Chamber committees. Since then, it has proudly grown and developed into an organization, affiliated to both regional and global business membership representation organizations, like the East Africa Business Council, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Chamber Federation (WCF).

Whether you are a local business person, a foreign investor, a nongovernmental organization or development partner, you will derive great benefits and services from engaging with the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, through quality services we provide to our membership and beyond.

Members benefit from targeted quality member centered services. So, whether you are a startup or an existing company your benefits are limitless, you only have to be our member.

Foreign investors will be facilitated, right from the process of obtaining their visas to the juncture of finally establishing their businesses in South Sudan and facilitating them to understand the basic requirements to run businesses in South Sudan among other services.

Nongovernmental organizations and development partners will also benefit from working with SSCCIA in obtaining the right information about the private sector in South Sudan among other areas of interest to them in as far as the private sector in South Sudan is concerned.
Thus we take this opportunity to welcome you to the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, please enjoy our services and do not hesitate to contact us if need be.

To effectively contribute toward the development of members’ national and regional competitiveness.

SSCCIA will fulfill its vision by seeking to have a vibrant and Competitive private sector in South Sudan.

Strategic Pillars
Strategic Pillars that will enable the SSCCIA to achieve its vision are as follows:

  • To position SSCCIA to influence GOSS and State governments' policiesand place SSCCIA as the apex body of organized Private Sector in South Sudan
  • To develop frameworks for SSCCIA future advocacy activities both at national level and States' level
  • To have an influential voice in policy formulation e.g. sector/industry specific regulations, industrial policies, macroeconomic matters both at the State and national level
  • To be the association of choice for all businesses in South Sudan
  • To provide services that assist members in obtaining growth and job creation
  • To integrate the private sector of South Sudan into the regional economy
  • To continue to develop an attractive demand driven package of membership services with the ability to influence members’ individual businesses, economic sectors, economy at the state level and or national economy

South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, SSCCIA
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