Industry Associations in Sri Lanka

The Industrial Association of Sri Lanka (IASL)

The Industrial Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) is the Apex body which represents industrial and manufacturing interests in Sri Lanka . The IASL is a constituent body of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. It has a mandate from its membership to assist policy makers in the task of devising an industrial strategy for Sri Lanka . IASL, in co-operation with other similar bodies in the country strives to press for an ongoing dialogue with the Government to be a partner, in formulating a realistic strategy for a balanced and steady industrial growth.

Since the inaugural meeting of the Industrial Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) in 1991, the IASL has continued to represent a major sector of the manufacturing and industrial concerns in Sri Lanka . The current membership of the IASL constitutes of 65 well-known industrial organisations in the country. The IASL has a strong voice in the industrial sector and further strives to strengthen its resolve in meeting its objectives.

The IASL is of the view that the programme for industrial development must be purposive. Some of these issues, on which the IASL has constantly focused attention, are;

  • An assurance of socio-political stability based on sound institutional foundations.
  • Consistent fiscal and monetary policies.
  • A stable and well co-ordinated system of taxation.
  • The acceptance of a strategy which recognizes high value added manufacturing industry as the take off point.
  • The development of sector wise strategies.
  • Industry to meet local demand to be given its due place together with export oriented industry.
  • Improved infrastructure facilities.

The IASL has continued to formulate plans, which would contribute to the development of the Industry and the expansion of exports of industrial products in order to assist in the ushering in of a new millennium where rapid industrialization and meaningful expansion would be the norm.


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