Industry Associations in San Marino

Association National Industry San Marino (ANIS)

Anis, the National Association of San Marino Industry, is the most ancient as well as the most important representative association of the employers in the Republic of San Marino.

It was born with the objective to protect and to represent the world of the Sammarinese enterprise and today counts around three hundred member companies, which employ about six thousand employees mainly in the manufacturing sector and services.

Anis is today the main reference point for the one who wants to do business in the Republic of San Marino: it protects the companies in their operational demands and plays a proactive and stimulating role in the economic development of the Country.

Today, each modern trade-union organization of the employers should offer its own member companies a whole series of additional integrated services:
Anis does this through Assoservizi Srl, a services company which takes care of the businessman. Assorservizi provides through Assosicurezza, Assopaghe and INforma an operational support in the salary management, in terms of workplace safety, in the environmental conservation and in training activity.

The National Association of San Marino Industry performs a series of tasks on many different areas.

Anis plays a proactive and stimulating role towards the San Marino institutions, within a permanent dialogue on the issues of economic development and of demands of the entrepreneurial world.

Together with the trade-unions of workers, Anis is committed to concluding collective labor agreements; furthermore Anis concerns itself with finding solutions to the specific business and sectorial thematic.

Anis is present in many public committees, during which are faced subject matters that involve directly or indirectly the economic world in general and the private-enterprise one in particular.

Above all, Anis is all-around on the side of the San Marino companies, providing them with an integrated net of services and expert advice, also through its own company Assoservizi srl.

A.N.I.S. Associazione Nazionale Industria San Marino
Piazzetta Bramante Lazzari, 2
47890 San Marino (Repubblica di San Marino)
Tel. +39 0549/873911
Fax +39 0549/992832