Industry Associations in Rwanda 

Energy Private Developer’s Association (EPD)

Energy Private Developer’s association is part of the Chamber of industry under the umbrella of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda.
The Private Sector Federation is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community.
The Federation has registered major successes since its creation in 1999. Beyond a strong brand and membership base, PSF pioneered Business Development Services (BDS), registered wins in advocacy and played a strong national and regional role. "Profitable businesses for a prosperous Rwanda” reconciles business and Rwandan society: PSF leadership elected to espouse a mission where the business community aligns its interest to that of Rwanda.

The Energy Private Developers association regroups all energy developers and energy connected services professionals in Rwanda and focuses on advocacy of its members, encouraging good collaboration and partnership among members and attracting foreign companies and investors to work with local companies.

Specifically, the objectives of the association are:

  • To become a forum of partnership and development in energy cluster in Rwanda,
  • Advocacy of private entities operating in energy cluster by harmonizing collaboration among themselves and public/private institutions.
  • Sharing experiences and good practices
  • Enhance national & international cooperation in order to acquire advanced knowledge, new technologies and new partnership with foreign companies and investors to develop energy cluster in Rwanda,
  • Perform any other activity related to energy cluster non-prohibited by the law of Republic of Rwanda.

Energy Private Developers
Pension Plaza. 6th Floor

Dr TWAGIRASHEMA Ivan, Chairman of the Association: +250 (0) 788 303 959
Email : ivan.twagirashema@epd-rwanda.com

NDAYISABA Edouard, 1st Vice Chairman of the Association: +250 (0) 788 302 624
Email : edouard.ndayisaba@epd-rwanda.com

UMURERWA Emma, 2nd Vice Chairman of the Association:
Tel : + 250 (0) 788 681 759

Rwanda Bankers' Association

Welcome to the Rwanda Bankers' Association
The Rwanda Bankers' Association (the Association) was established and acts as a forum for the banking sector. More about the Association

Any Banks licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda pursuant to Chapter II, Article 5 of the Law is eligible for Membership of the Association. The National Bank of Rwanda will not be eligible for membership but a representative may be invited to any meeting should it be felt that their presence would be of benefit.

This website provides information only. The Association reserves the right to change, delete or add information at any time

Avenue de la Paix,
2nd Floor- Ecobank Building,
Tel Office: +250 252 577 426