Industry Associations in Qatar

Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA)

Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) is truly a unique organization, as is the country of Qatar. This fruitful country of ours has transformed itself overnight. We have been gifted with the enlightened strategic vision of H.H. the Emir Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who has accomplished gargantuan steps towards political, economic and social reforms within the State of Qatar. QBA strives to serve the vision of Qatar by accomplishing ambitious projects that have pushed Qatar forward into the globalization market.

The local private sector of Qatar has proven its willingness and eagerness to cope with ongoing development. Business leaders have acknowledged the requisite of improving business opportunities, market competitiveness and growth capabilities currently established in Qatar. The Qatari private sector has adopted recent management trends, advanced training and upgrading programs, technology requirement practices and resource diversification approaches to improve and attract more business opportunities, both locally and regionally.

We are very proud of the accomplishments the Qatari Businessmen Association has made throughout the years in its endeavours to assist in strengthening the economic growth and spirit of Qatar. QBA has been engaged in a number of distinctive initiatives to provide clearer dialogue and structure to better assist and advance the development of the business environment. Qatari Businessmen Association strengthens business growth through leadership, prosperity, information, communication, and governmental and community involvement. Our association serves as a strong catalyst that offers a solid foundation for the economic development of Qatar’s private sector and provides a forum for idea exchange. Together, we aim to be a major vehicle, consensus builder and advocate for a thriving economic climate in the State of Qatar.

Our Activities

Qatari Businessmen Association plays a vital role in the formulation of several activities and services to benefit the local business community, working in harmony to achieve economic prosperity in Qatar and project the economic status internationally. The most significant activities and roles of the Association include:

1. QBA Membership: In accordance with QBA’s rules and regulations, the Association welcomes membership of key Qatari businesspersons and think-tanks. QBA is governed by its chosen Board of Members who set policy on behalf of its members. It aims to provide a diversity of services according to the status and availability of each type of membership.

2. Business Consulting: QBA is focused on the cutting edge of the community’s requirements providing studies, surveys, research, publications and provision of new and varying issues; solving and updating methods used in the various business activities; representing business interests at all levels of government; proposing alternate investment opportunities for all economic, trade and service sectors, and in serving the vision of Qatar.

3. Organization of Activities: A basic pillar in QBA’s foundation is the organization of symposia, conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions, international conferences, and business luncheons and dinners, so as to continually discuss progress and development from a macro-economic perspective for the various sectors, while concurrently focusing on innovative new systems and the application of state-of-the-art technological methods which support the vision of QBA. These activities are a vital requisite for the whole business sector, nudging local economic growth, and placing Qatar on the global market. All events and activities are based on the objectives set forth by QBA.

4. Organization of Business Development Meetings: QBA regularly extends invitations to business delegations from different countries and designs meetings between them and their Qatari counterparts whose vision and business objectives are similar. Additionally, QBA organizes collective business trips for Qatari businessmen delegations to selected countries with the intention of expanding their scope of activities.

5. Technological Services: Designing, expanding and enhancing the electronic website for the association. This site covers all plans, work activities and services of the association and provides electronic services for members such as the provision of areas for their advertisements.

6. Creation of Alliances: The creation of regional and international alliances to boost the Association’s activities. QBA endeavours to address foreign bodies which are partially or completely involved in the field of business development.

Mail Address
P. O. Box: 24475
Tel: +974 443 53 120
Fax: +974 443 53 834

Solar GCC Alliance

The MENA region includes many of the most energy-advantaged countries in the world. While each of these nations shares of vast potential for solar energy, each has its own unique solar business model and cultural identity.

The Solar GCC Alliance exists to encourage each of its affiliate countries to pursue independent solar development, while simultaneously providing an infrastructure for international collaboration. Visit the affiliate sites listed below to learn more about solar initiatives in each member nation.

Solar GCC Alliance, P.O. Box 16111,
R.A.K. United Arab Emirates
Phone number: + 971 50 2450388 (UAE)
Tel : +1 202 241 0125 (USA)