Industry Associations in Mauritius 

Mauritius IT Industry Association

The MITIA appreciates the active interest which the Government and the Ministry for Information Technology for the data-processing sector carry, vital sector for the socio-economic development of our country.

The many initiatives of the Government and the ministry responsible for the sector confirm a determination in order to make data-processing sector, the engine of the growth and socio-economic development in the years to come.

The MITIA took note of the recent declarations as for the policy of the Government towards the enterprises Mauritians engaged in the data-processing sector. The MITIA intends to work with the authorities and the Ministry for Information Technology in a true spirit of partnership. This spirit of partnership will be centered on a contribution made of constructive proposals having the national interest to short, average and long terms

IT hardware and service companies engaged in the sector of data processing are conscious of the formidable stakes and great challenges to take up in the national interest. They realize the importance of the maintenance of a constant growth and quality of this sector. It is in this context, that an association of the data processing industry, Mauritius IT Industry Association (MITIA), was created in 2001.

The objectives of the MITIA are as follows:

a) To set up an environment which will support the prosperity and the competitiveness of the data processing industry at the international level.
b) To represent the interests of the data processing industry near the government.
c) To create an environment favorable to strategic and commercial alliances.
d) To establish close connections with other regional and international associations.

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Mauritius IT Industry Association
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