Industry Associations in Kenya

Kenya Motor Industry Association

Until 1989, the only formal representation of the motor sector was the East African Automobile Industry Employers Association (EAIEA), affiliated to the FKE and focused on negotiation with labour unions.

In response to the growing complexity of the industry and market issues (local assembly and component manufacture, chronic foreign exchange restrictions and liberalization) the KMI was formed in 1989 to co-ordinate commercial realities with national policies, to provide a high-level forum within the industry, and to create a single focal point of consensus and communication with government, other associations and the public.

Since 1989, the KMI has addressed every key issue within its sphere and prepared more than 1,000 position papers, proposals and reports to represent its members' concerns, interests and potentials, and to assist government, other sectors and the public in understanding the technical aspects and social, commercial and economic impacts of many policies and market trends.

The major issues initially were industrial development, employment generation, investment, forex allocations, model rationalization and tariff balances. They have evolved over time to include (as just a few examples) the liberalization of forex and imports, redundancy and disinvestment impacts, regional trade bloc harmonization, vehicle inspection standards, trade dumping and counterfeit parts, traffic and road safety issues and equipment, insurance anomalies, port and registration logistics, leasing laws and benefit taxes, fuel specifications, numerous examples of technical legislation on accessories and components, jua kali upgrade projects, professional training, consumer protection systems, pollution and other environmental issues, and more.

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