Industry Associations in Kazakhstan

Association KAZENERGY

Association KAZENERGY unites more than 70 major players in the oil, gas and energy business – extracting, transporting, servicing, geophysical, uranium-producing and other transnational companies.

The present Chairman of the Association, elected by the General Meeting, is Timur A. Kulibayev who represents KAZENERGY in the Interdepartmental Commission on oil and gas sector in the
KAZENERGY Association was established on 2 November 2005 as an independent non-commercial union of legal entities, which is challenged to promote creation of favorable conditions for the dynamic and sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Association is to become a unified ‘information harbor’ for oilmen, gas workers, other subsoil users, power engineers, transporters, as well as for a wide range of users and consumers of products and services of oil-gas and energy sector.

Association of legal entities «Kazakhstan association of oil, gas and energy sector organizations - KAZENERGY
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