Industry Associations in Italy

National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises

The CNA, the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, for over sixty years represents and protects the interests of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, operating in the sectors of manufacturing, construction, services, transport, trade and tourism, small and medium industries, and in general the business world and its associated forms, with particular reference to the sector; artisans, self-employment, professionals in its various expressions, women entrepreneurs and businessmen and pensioners is a reality that today draws strength and weight from about 670,000 members.

The mission of the CNA is to give value crafts and small and medium enterprises, serving as their partner for the development and promoting economic and social progress. This goal is pursued through a structured and widespread, a company that offers integrated services and personalized advice to companies, a modern structure that provides its members with assistance, information and innovative solutions.

Enormous spread craft, both in large cities and in small towns, corresponds the widespread presence of the CNA:

More than 9,000 employees working in 1,250 offices of the Confederation that not only offer services, advice and information, but they have the credibility, professionalism and strength of feeling sharers and co-stars of the success of small business and the development of a sector that, by only, he continues to create jobs and new businesses.

National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises
National Headquarters
Piazza M Armellini, 9 A, 00162 Roma
Tel. : 06/441881