KLD 400 Social Index

KLD 400 Social Index
The FTSE KLD 400 Social Index (KLD400) is a float-adjusted, market capitalization-weighted, common stock index of U.S. equities. Launched by KLD in May 1990, the KLD400 (formerly KLD's Domini 400 Social Index) is the first benchmark index constructed using environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. The Domini 400 Social Index was renamed the FTSE KLD 400 Social Index in July 2009. It is a widely recognized benchmark for measuring the impact of social and environmental screening on investment portfolios.

KLD Indexes is a unit of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., the leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research for institutional investors. KLD Indexes develops and licenses benchmark, strategy and custom indexes, which investment managers use to integrate ESG criteria into their investment decisions. Examples of products based on KLD Indexes include: Mutual Funds, ETFs, Separately Managed Accounts, Unit Investment Trusts, Variable Annuities, Structured Products

KLD’s indexes are designed to be transparent, representative and investable. KLD Indexes are constructed with the integrity and quality that investors have relied on from KLD since 1988.

U.S. Indexes
FTSE KLD 400 Social Index
The KLD400 is the first benchmark for equity portfolios subject to multiple social screens.

FTSE KLD Catholic Values 400 Index
The CV400 represents the U.S. equity market available to Catholic investors.

FTSE KLD US All Cap Sustainability Index Series
The USSA series captures the best environmental, social and governance (ESG) performers in each sector of the 3,000 largest U.S. equities

FTSE KLD US Large Cap Sustainability Index
400 largest U.S. equities

FTSE KLD US Mid Cap Sustainability Index
600 mid cap U.S. equities

FTSE KLD US Small Cap Sustainability Index
2,000 small cap U.S. equities

FTSE KLD US Large-Mid Cap Sustainability Index
1,000 large and mid cap U.S. equities

FTSE KLD US Small-Mid Cap Sustainability Index
2,600 small and mid cap U.S. equities

FTSE KLD Select Social Index
The SSI is constructed to maximize exposure to positive ESG factors while exhibiting risk and return characteristics comparable to the FTSE US 500 Index.

Global Indexes
FTSE KLD Global Climate 100 Index
The GC100 is designed to promote investment in publicly traded companies whose activities demonstrate the greatest potential for mitigating climate change.

FTSE KLD Global Sustainability Index Series
The GSIN is a broadly diversified, sector neutral global benchmark comprised of companies with the highest sustainability rankings in each sector in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FTSE KLD Global Sustainability ex US Index
24 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada

FTSE KLD Asia Pacific Sustainability Index
5 countries in Asia Pacific

FTSE KLD Europe Sustainability Index
18 countries in Europe

FTSE KLD Europe Asia Pacific Sustainability Index
23 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific

FTSE KLD North America Sustainability Index
2 countries in North America

KLD/Jantzi Global Environment Index Series
The GEI series is designed to include global companies with pure-play involvement in the areas of alternative energy, clean technology, sustainable water, green building, and pollution prevention.

KLD/Jantzi Global Environment 60 Index
The GE60 holds the 12 largest companies from each of the five environmental thematic indexes.

For Information on the FTSE KLD 400 Social Index Analytics, Licensing and Redistribution contact Indexes@kld.com

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