Integrated Reporting (IIRC)

Integrated Reporting is enhancing the way organizations think, plan and report the story of their business.

Organizations are using Integrated Reporting to communicate a clear, concise, integrated story that explains how all of their resources are creating value. Integrated Reporting is helping businesses to think holistically about their strategy and plans, make informed decisions and manage key risks to build investor and stakeholder confidence and improve future performance. It is shaped by a diverse coalition including business leaders and investors to drive a global evolution in corporate reporting.

Why ? The need for change
Globalization and interconnectivity mean the world’s finances, people and knowledge are inextricably linked, as evidenced by the global financial crisis. In the wake of the crisis, the desire to promote financial stability and sustainable development by better linking investment decisions, corporate behaviour and reporting has become a global need.

What ? The tool for better reporting
Integrated Reporting is an evolution of corporate reporting, with a focus on conciseness, strategic relevance and future orientation. As well as improving the quality of information contained in the final report, IR makes the reporting process itself more productive, resulting in tangible benefits. <IR> requires and brings about integrated thinking, enabling a better understanding of the factors that materially affect an organization’s ability to create value over time. It can lead to behavioural changes and improvement in performance throughout an organization.

How? Practical advice and tools
We have developed a number of programmes and resources in place to help implement <IR>. For example, <IR> networks bring together trailblazing organizations that are adopting the principles and practices of IR, in order to share experiences with peers, access expert and investor insights, and explore the benefits and challenges that come with being at the forefront of a new reporting movement.

When? Advocate for global adoption
The IIRC is a global coalition with high-profile council members and ambassadors leading the movement for <IR> adoption. There are now over 750 participants in IR networks worldwide, with, for example, 180 businesses currently practicing IR in Japan alone. More than 1,000 businesses globally are using it to communicate with their investors and there is increasing interest in IR by pioneers in the public sector.

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