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VV Lakshminarayana
V V Laxminarayana, was additional director general of police (admin) in Mumbai on (25.07.2016).
He took his retirement from police force after we interviewed him and now he is thinking of joining politics to serve India.

V V Laxminarayana, when he was the joint commissioner of Thane Police, was known as clean and used to be fair with everyone, be it anyone from any caste or religion.

The major work done by the officer was that he himself went on raids.

In his two years of service, he has showed that no one is above law. Thane is a place where many local goons feel that they are the don, but he brought an end to this nuisance. His work has restored confidence of the people in police.

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It is good to know that V V Lakshinarayana is honoured with the prestigious Presidents Police Medal on 26th January 2017.

We think that every citizen in this world is a global citizen but some are doing extraordinary work.
We are happy that he is a good volunteer (Volunteering with tribal school).
We think its good for India that he has entered politics because every place on earth needs sincere, positive action oriented politicians.
For him good humanitarian services in 2016, CSRidentity.com gave him Global citizen trophy
And one more point : When he had come home, we thought Idli is his favourite but he loves VadaPav
That is the Value of Brand Thane because one think Thane is famous worldover is VadaPav