Global attention 

First thing
People named in global attention do not pay us to be in the list. Like millions know Bill Gates, Marilyn Monroe, Cristiano Ronaldo, these greats deserve attention.

Ideally, we will share the organisation which these greats have started because it means it goes beyond them.

But in some cases, these individuals are not stable financially or otherwise to reachout to get support to convert these ideas which benefit millions of people.

And we are not particular if the person or organisation has a patent of the product or service because we are not a patent agency in any country and our idea is benefit others, with or without petent.

But we know that in this world Patent is important because someone may steal the idea and make patent on their name.

Can you share names ?
Of course yes, shre name and related website, so that we can see whether the product or service benefits millions.
And yes, it can be a person or start up or NGO or even a person who failed to convert the idea into a product or service and is ready if someone uses brain & strategy power to make idea into a successful product or service. Failure is absolutely ok with us because we have experienced life failures.

If you want to put a banner on top of the page which mentions the individual or organisation pay a Rs 11800/-
(Rs 10000/- plus GST which is paid to Indian Government) or USD 170/- to us.

These fees are towards our research, space, global promotion.

Inventions (By scientists as well as non scientists)