Fortune 500
Only NGOs can share their banner on the right side of any Fortune 500 company for a nominal fee
But corporates, media, philanthropist can be on the right side of this index page plus 26 alphabets.
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Billions of dollars can never solve social issues without involvement of Communities, NGOs, Government, Politicians and donors like Corporates, Funding Agencies ....

We value retail donation more because small donation must be like respiration. If you have problem of respiration, you are on ventilator in a hospital.

Many social issues are on ventilator in real life and stop when the founder stops. Let Thane District in India demonstrate to the world, involvement of retail donors and local celebrities. We are using local celebrities to influence people to give time, money, skill for social, health, climate issues.

Like disabled, senior citizens, education, water, one must think of issues like agriculture, environment, women, safety, youth ...

And climate change is a global issue where every individual and every for profit and not for profit organisation and government must take positive steps...



Fortune 500 corporates has taken just the names of Fortune 500 companies from their official source and just for taking names, we dont require permission but since we respect research & reputation, we say 3 M (Fortune 500 company in 2020) and on similar basis all the 500 companies.

We will change the names every year based on the research available in public zone.

What we do as our brief research is
Name of the company
Head quarter location
Official website link
CSR link and or Sustainability link
Climate change related link
Volunteering link
Annual report link
News link

Fortune 500 companies operate or service many countries but here we share headquarter's official website links

Opportunity to Brands
We will give opportunity to NGOs to enhance their image by taking banner on the right side for Rs 5000/- + GST or $ 70. We will not allow any corporate for any fee to share their banner on the right side of any Fortune 500 company.

his index page and 26 alphabet pages which are the starting alphabets of the name of each Fortune 500 company

AWe can offer these 27 pages for any company or media or philanthropist to share their banner on the right side for a fee which is mutually agreeable.

We are a social enterprise and plan to invest some of the money in making Brand Thane as globally known city or if we can then THE district.


Why we are giving links is because
CSR links helps you see the issues company supports
Sustainability link helps you see the broader perspective
Climate change link helps you see how the company is working of climate
Volunteering links may or may not be given if it is not shared on the headquarter website but we plan to make that same company's countrywise pages where we can give related volunteering link
nnual report shares not only which social issues the corporate is helping but the amount it gives plus details like governance of the company, board of the company, the advertising expenditure of the company .....
News shares latest news of the company and you can see latest news related to social issues and climate change related news or new ways of packing or logistics which helps the climate

Our editorial has the right to decide the organisation which puts its banner because we dont want websites which are not acceptable to us like antigovernment or naxalism or terrorism or activism or even good political parties or good agencies which generates funds for NGOs or CSR websites or porno websites or websites which promote criminology.