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Census 2011
District population : 33,43,872
Growth : 18.98%
Sex Ratio : 988
Literacy : 79.06

Brief About Durg District
Locational Setting
The Durg district is a populous district of Chhattisgarh. It occupies the southwestern part of the Chhattisgarh plain and possesses belts of hilly country in the south, southwest and northwest, bestowed with mineral resources and forests. The district lying in the Raipur Commissioner's Revenue Division, extends between the latitudes 20°23' N and 22° 02' N and the longitudes 80°48' E and 81° 57' E. The Altitude of the district is 317 Meters from Sea level. The area occupied by the district is 8537 Sq. Kms while the population of the district is 2397134 as per 1991 Census.

The District from the head-qict derives its quarter town name of Durg which has also been the headquarters of one of the Garhs. The origin name was Shiva Durg.

The District occupies the southwestern part of the Upper Sheonath-Mahanadi valley and the bordering hills in the south and southwest. Physiographically, the District can be divided into two divisions, viz. the Chhattisgarh plain and the Southern plateau. The Chhattisgarh plain occupies the largest area in the District.

The general slope of the district is towards the north and north east and locally in some places towards east. Sheonath and Kharun rivers contribute the most in the drainage system of the district. All the small rivulets and rivers are the tributaries either of Sheonath river or Kharun river. Sheonath river flows nearer to the western border of the district whereas river Kharun forms the eastern border of the district which ultimately joins Sheonath river. The river Sheonath itself forms the part of big Mahanadi basin.

The District is well interconnected by roads. The National Highway No. 6 traversing the district is the Mumbai-Calcutta G.E. Road. Other important roads of district are Durg-Dhamdha-Bemetara Road. Kawardha-Bemetara- Simga Road, Kumhari-Patharia Road, Rajnandgaon-Antagarh Road, Durg-Utai Road etc.

Durg town is favourably situated on the main line of the South Eastern Railway midway between Mumbai-Calcutta. The main railway line cuts across the District at its narrowest width, the total length of the line being only 17 Kms. There is also branch line from Durg to Dalli-Rajahara for transport of hte iron ore.

Nearest airport from the District Headquarter Durg is at Mana (Raipur) about 50 Kms.

The STD Code of   DURG District  is  " 0788 "


The climate of district is moderate but on a warmer side in summer season. In summer the temperature goes to a maximum of 43-45 degree celcius. In winter the minimum temerature falls to 12 degree celcius. Average rain fall is around 1024 mm per year.

Economic Condition
Durg comes under the basin regin of Sheonath and Mahanadi River. Durg is the one of the main district of the Chhattisgarh region which is known as "DHAN KA KATORA". The soil here is very fertile specially for the rice production. Main crops of the district are rice, wheat, jowar,  etc. Agriculture is the main source of Income for majority of villagers. 

Durg is also rich in mineral deposits. Main mineral deposits are Iron Ore, Limestone, Dolomite, Quartzite, Runner sand, White Clay and Soap Stone. Other minor minerals are Clay, sand, Stone, Flag Stone and Murum.   Many industires based on basic mines such as steel and cement product are running in the district. District gives a substantial part of mine revenue to the state Government.

Art and Culture
The district is very rich in Culture. Here the traditional folk dance named Raut Nacha performed  basically by Yadav caste of this region is famous in the state. This folk dance has bagged many awards at state level.

Similarly another folk dance named "PANDWANI" which is basically used for expressing the story  of Mahabharata in dance / artistic   form with a Tamboora in one hand. Its  a part of the life to listen the story of Mahabharata. It has been the endeavour of the  district that an artist named "Teejan Bai " is known to be the best artist in this folk dance who has been recognised at National level and had been awarded "Padm Shree". Coincidently she is an employee of Bhilai Steel Plant.

Another Pandwani artist is Ritu Verma who is also one of the best artist of this folk dance. The district also has the endeavour to have a Sitar player Shri. Budhaditya Mukherjee of international fame. Similarly there are two National level artist in the field of Painting named Shri. Asif and Shri. Tushar Waghela who had displayed their paintings at substantial level of Art Galleries in India and bagged many awards in many states.  An international player Shri. Rajesh Chouhan, the famous cricket bowler also enriches the sports world of district.

An international player Shri. Rajesh Chouhan, the famous cricket bowler who has gained a name of international repute also enriches the sports world of district.

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